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I am a writer and speaker. My husband David and I live off-grid on a 40-acre farm in the foothills near Sequim, WA, northwest of Seattle. I was born in Champaign, Illinois and grew up in Seattle, in a family of eight children. David and I moved to the farm in 2006. We began raising heritage-breed chickens in 2007, followed by turkeys and ducks in 2008.


My first book, Pure Poultry: Living well with heritage chickens, turkeys and ducks, was published in November 2013. Pure Poultry is a memoir of our first few years raising raising heritage poultry. Written entirely from first-hand experience starting as raw beginners, it tells the story of how David and I made the transition from big city life to off-grid homesteading, with all the humor, frustration, mistakes and small triumphs that continue to be part of our daily life on the farm.

Craft Distilling: Making liquor legally at home,was published in January 2016, and won an award that spring (see photo below). Click here for more information, or visit the media kit page for a synopsis, endorsements and more.


My third and newest book was just published in June 2018. From No-Knead to Sourdough: A simpler approach to handmade bread encapsulates my 40-year fascination with homemade bread. Click here for more details about this book, and how to order.


I have discovered a real affinity for traditional skills and using hand tools. Combined with my problem-solver personality and mechanical skills, I keep quite busy around here with building, repair and maintenance projects. Several years ago I built an outdoor wood-fired oven, hand-hewing cedar logs to frame the shelter. Currently I’m working toward certification in small-engine repair, a skill which is already coming in very handy around the homestead.


Wood-fired oven, almost completed.

I’m not sure right now what my next book project will be. I’m always learning new things, though, and you can be sure I will continue to share my experiences with you, both in writing and at the many speaking events I’m invited to participate in. Keep up to date on my upcoming speaking engagements, current projects and other news on this site!

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