Endorsements for Pure Poultry

“When I first picked up Victoria Miller’s book Pure Poultry I must confess that my first thought was oh no, not another book on chickens. But far from that, author Miller’s experiences with all sorts of fowl are quite unique and instructive, with many hands-on experiences of the kind prospective poultry growers will find very helpful. But the book is more than that. It couches poultry production within the daily routine of a very unusual farm. Victoria and David Miller live off the grid and give inspirational evidence of how all of us can live quite comfortably while leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the good earth.”

-Gene Logsdon, author of numerous books on small-farm agriculture.


“Part memoir and part roadmap to success, Pure Poultry tells a compelling story full of grit, passion and discovery as the author and her husband embrace a sustainable, off-grid life in the woods — with chickens, turkeys and ducks. Whether you are a seasoned fowl keeper or a passionate dreamer, you will find yourself nodding, laughing, commiserating, learning and simply enjoying the author’s knack for weaving her experiences, observations and lessons into a page-turner of a narrative. Once I started reading, it was next to impossible to put Pure Poultry down, even when I heard my own geese honking for their supper. And when I finally closed the book, for the last time, I knew exactly why I keep the fowl that I do, I learned some tricks I’d not discovered in the past 35 years and I felt happy!”

-Oscar H. “Hank” Will, sustainable farmer; editor in chief, GRIT Magazine; author, Plowing with Pigs


“In Pure Poultry, [Miller’s pragmatism and mirth] come through in a beautiful blend, making this a great book for anyone who dreams of waltzing down the country-living path (whether or not you intend to raise heritage poultry). And in sharing her own life experiences, she also provides an excellent resource for the aspiring poultry person to learn the how-to’s of keeping chickens, ducks and turkeys in your own backyard or on your own farm.”

-Carol Ekarius, author, Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds


Pure Poultry is not merely about chickens, ducks and turkeys, but about one couple’s off-grid sustainable lifestyle that includes keeping free-range poultry for fun and profit. Author Victoria Redhed Miller’s engaging style draws you in right from the start and holds you captive all the way to the end. Reading Pure Poultry is like visiting with an old friend.”

-Gail Damerow, author, The Chicken Encyclopedia


Pure Poultry is a fun, easy read and full of personal stories. Sharing their experience raising turkeys, ducks and chickens is a lesson to all. All beginners can learn from [the Millers’] wins and mistakes at getting started with poultry.”

-Frank R. Reese, founder of Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch


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