From No-Knead to Sourdough


My newest book, From No-Knead to Sourdough: A simpler approach to handmade bread, is officially here!


Take a look at the video trailer for a quick preview:


I was fairly overwhelmed by the comments the book received from author friends and others who generously spent their time reading the advance proof. Here are a few excerpts:


“As  I discovered more or less by accident, making your own sourdough bread, whether wheat or rye, spelt, semolina, emmer or any combination of the above, is one of life’s most enjoyable kitchen adventures. Also one of the least likely to interest friends and colleagues, even gourmets. It sounds like work, too much work. Nope. The dough itself does most of the heavy lifting, once you learn to steward it. Victoria’s new book offers a fine guide and an ideal companion to invite along on your journey, from starter to levain to oven to table. She writes with a fine blend of passion and common sense, with informative asides like Sexy Science Talk and such. Your palate and your gut will thank you, and thank her, for there are few things more soul-satifying than the taste of homemade organic whole wheat or rye sourdough, and even fewer things as healthful and probiotic to keep your  mind and body tuned and balanced. Victoria’s detailed but uncluttered recipes make that argument, delectably.”

Stephen Yafa

Author of Grain of Truth: Why eating wheat can improve your health (Penguin/ RandomHouse)


“Victoria Miller cleverly combines science, history, and personal touches to make homemade bread accessible for everyone, no matter his or her level of experience. I’ve made my own bread for years, and I find this book helpful, friendly, and inspiring. Miller’s experiences homesteading and scratch cooking combine with bread-making instruction to bring a connectivity between baking and living off of the land that is refreshing and holistic.”

Meredith Leigh, Author, The Ethical Meat Handbook and Pure Charcuterie 


“I’ll admit that bread baking is something I’ve tried only a few times in my life but never allowed myself the time to truly focus on it. Victoria Redhed Miller’s new book has given me the impetus to get back into it! Her clear instructions and the well-organized structure of this book allow for experienced bakers to jump right to recipes, and provide beginners with thorough (but not overwhelming) descriptions of processes. What I particularly like is how she brings bread-baking down to the real world. Her folksy, conversational descriptions make it feel as if she’s in the kitchen with you, chatting the day away while teaching you how to bake. I also like how she doesn’t weigh things down with technical detail, but doesn’t shirk technicalities either. Her Sexy Science Talk sidebars are brilliant. Read them if you want to know what’s happening, or pass them by if you just want to get straight to baking. Informative, useful, and entertaining. What more could you want in a book?”

Jereme Zimmerman, author of Brew Beer Like a Yeti and Make Mead Like a Viking


As with my other books, From No-Knead to Sourdough is a blend of how-to and memoir, based entirely on my own real-life experiences. I’m not a professional baker. I’m not a food scientist. I’m not a culinary school graduate. I’m passionate about bread, and my hope is that my new book will encourage you to try making your own bread, even if you’ve never done it before.


Order From No-Knead to Sourdough directly from New Society Publishers here, or by phoning them at (800) 567-6772, extension 111. For signed copies, please email me using the contact form here and we’ll work out payment and shipping.

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