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Endorsements: Craft Distilling


The joy of creating spirits at home is a great incentive for learning a little chemistry and Victoria makes the chemistry fun!

—Bryan Welch, Mother Earth News, and CEO, B the Change Media


Recent endorsements: Pure Poultry

“When I first picked up Victoria Miller’s book Pure Poultry I must confess that my first thought was oh no, not another book on chickens. But far from that, author Miller’s experiences with all sorts of fowl are quite unique and instructive, with many hands-on experiences of the kind prospective poultry growers will find very helpful. But the book is more than that. It couches poultry production within the daily routine of a very unusual farm. Victoria and David Miller live off the grid and give inspirational evidence of how all of us can live quite comfortably while leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the good earth.”

-Gene Logsdon, author of numerous books on small-farm agriculture.

Please visit Gene’s blog, The Contrary Farmer.

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Sample reviews

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Recent articles

Prior to my June 2014 trip to Nanaimo and Gabriola Island, B.C., this article was written in a local newspaper: Article in Nanaimo News Bulletin

My friend Deborah Niemann wrote this article about my upcoming appearance at the Mid-America Homesteading Conference in Joliet, IL.


Recent speaking engagements

June 2014: Library talk, Nanaimo, British Columbia

June 2014: Library talk, Gabriola Island, British Columbia

May 31-June 1, 2014: Two presentations at Mother Earth News Fair, Puyallup, WA

Click here to see the schedule of upcoming speaking events.


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