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Oven with finished dome sm

Oven just after finishing the dome.

I am in the proposal process of my next book. I don’t have a working title yet, but it will be about building and using an outdoor oven. If you’re connected to me on Facebook (and if not, why aren’t you?) you’ve seen the photos of the entire process I’ve been through since mid-July, building my first clay oven. I’m a pretty serious sourdough bread baker, so it’s a lot of fun using the oven for bread, but I’m finding it’s also good for cooking a whole lot more besides bread. Stay tuned! (And find me on Facebook at Victoria Redhed Miller.)

Sourdough finished on peel sm

One of my first hearth-baked loaves of sourdough bread!

Grilled pork and veggies sm

This oven isn’t just for bread…