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“In Craft Distilling, author Victoria Redhed Miller leads us on a wonderfully intoxicating journey that answers the question of why distill spirits at home  with eloquence and clarity that only a passionate practitioner can offer. With Miller’s help we come to understand just why it is that most of us can’t legally make spirits for ourselves, and she makes a wonderful case for why we should be able to do just that! Set the history aside for a spell and Craft Distilling delves deeply into the science of alcohol distillation and sets you up with everything from detailed recipes for  your favorite liquors and insight on constructing your own still. Craft Distilling is as important  for dreamers and practitioners as it is for policy makers, and it belongs on the shelf of everyone who has anything to do with the production and consumption of distilled spirits.”

—Hank Will, Editorial Director, Ogden Publications


“The joy of creating spirits at home is a great incentive for learning a little chemistry, and Victoria makes  the chemistry fun!”

— Bryan Welch, Mother Earth News, and CEO, B the Change Media


Bio and synopsis Craft Distilling

The 100-word synopsis

Home or hobby distilling has become more and more popular in the past few years. However, there is still a lot of confusion about the legalities around the distillation of liquor. In Craft Distilling: Making liquor legally at home, author Victoria Redhed Miller explains the facts around legal distilling, as well as detailed instructions on how to make high-quality distilled spirits on a small scale. In addition, she is working with a Washington state legislator to change the laws for hobby distillers. Craft Distilling includes a summary of the proposal Miller has submitted on both the state and Federal level.


The short bio

Victoria Redhed Miller grew up in Seattle and now lives with her husband David on their off-grid farm in the Olympic Mountain foothills near Sequim. She writes and blogs about homesteading and self-reliance, as well as speaking at events around the country. She is also the author of Pure Poultry: Living well with heritage chickens, turkeys and ducks.

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