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My first book, Pure Poultry: Living well with heritage chickens, turkeys and ducks, was published in November 2013, by New Society Publishers. Click here for more information about Pure Poultry.

What’s next?

I am currently working on my second book. This one has almost nothing to do with poultry. Actually it is about distilling alcohol and the process of obtaining permits and licenses in order to do this distilling legally.

In addition to outlining the process of distillation (and anecdotes about my experiences to date making rum, whiskey, vodka and gin), this book will include some historical context for my premise that the current licensing and tax laws are demonstrably unfair to people like me, who want to distill alcohol legally but not commercially. It is written in the same style as Pure Poultry, a first-person account of my actual experiences, with all the humor and frustration that are just part of the story.


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