Craft Distilling


“The joy of creating spirits at home is a great incentive for learning a little chemistry and Victoria makes the chemistry fun!”

—Bryan Welch, Mother Earth News, and CEO, B the Change Media


I am thrilled to announce my second book, Craft Distilling: Making liquor legally at home. It is currently in production and the official publish date is set for January 12, 2016. (Click here to see the Craft Distilling page at New Society Publishers for more information and to pre-order at a discount.)


Here’s just a little preview: The table of contents, the foreword (written by Gene Logsdon), and the introduction. You’ll just have to buy the book to find out the rest of the story!

Table of Contents



Click here for a synopsis and other media kit information.

And another little preview: I am in the proposal process of my next book. I don’t have a working title yet, but it will be about building and using an outdoor oven. If you’re connected to me on Facebook (and if not, why aren’t you??) you’ve seen the photos of the entire process I’ve been through since mid-July, building my first clay oven. I’m a pretty serious sourdough bread baker, so it’s a lot of fun using the oven for bread, but I’m finding it’s also good for cooking a whole lot more besides bread. Stay tuned!


And please connect to me on Facebook! You’ll find me at Victoria Redhed Miller.

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