The homestead

snowy house smaller

Canyon Creek Farms, November 2006

We live on 40 off-grid acres in the foothills of Washington’s beautiful Olympic Mountains, near Sequim. The property was bought by David’s grandparents back in 1936. We moved here in Spring 2006, following David’s retirement from his 30-year job of driving city buses in Seattle. The early chapters of my first book, Pure Poultry, tell a lot more about the transition from living in the big city to being completely off the grid.

The photo above was taken the day after a a snowstorm, which followed a windstorm. We had been away for several days and came back to a different world. It took us 45 minutes to make it in from our gate (half a mile from the house); we kept having to stop, get out of the truck, and knock snow off tree branches that were hanging so low with heavy snow that they were blocking the road. It was 12F that night. Having been away, it took quite a while, and both woodstoves, to get the house warmed up. We were so thankful for the very solid construction of the house David’s Grandpa Moniz had built!

(I’ll be posting more stories and photos regularly, so please check back often.)

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