Sneak preview of my new book!

I warned you, after I turned in the manuscript for my latest book, From No-Knead to Sourdough: A simpler approach to handmade bread, that I was moving into shameless self-promotion mode. Now, with just a few weeks to go before the official publication date, I’m moving into full-court-press mode. Check out this short trailer:



After months of work on the part of many people, I am so excited about seeing the finished product. And, after having done presentations on bread-related topics for a year and a half, I’m looking forward to having the book available to sign and sell at the upcoming Mother Earth News Fair in Frederick, MD the first weekend of June.


If you can’t make it to the Fair, you can order the book directly from my publisher, New Society Publishers. Here’s a link:


Thanks to all of you who have encouraged, and in some cases, browbeaten me, along the way. If you’ve ever wanted to make bread but weren’t sure where to start, how about starting with From No-Knead to Sourdough?

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