Bread-making handouts for you!

Thanks to all of you who came to one or more of my presentations this past weekend at the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville, North Carolina. It’s so exciting to see how enthusiastic you are about making bread! You asked a lot of really good questions; for me, that’s one of the best parts, because I’m still learning right along with you. You might think that because my new book, From No-Knead to Sourdough, is all about bread, that I’m some kind of expert on the subject. It’s true that I know a lot about bread, and have learned a lot in the 40 years or so that I’ve been baking. But I’ve been focused on particular things with bread, in recent years mainly sourdough breads, so it’s easy to get in a kind of rut. Every time I do these presentations, I get questions that challenge me and force me out of that rut. And since my hope, both with the book and the speaking events, is to encourage you to make your own bread, these frequent opportunities to keep learning are extremely valuable to me.


As some of you know, we ran out of handouts earlier than expected this weekend. Click on the links below to download one or more; the first is my method for cultivating and maintaining a low-maintenance sourdough starter, the other is a simple recipe for sourdough bread made with that starter.


Sourdough starter method

Sourdough bread fermentation and baking method


I also was asked to post my recipe for homemade croissants. That recipe is at home, and I’ll be getting back there later today; I’ll post that recipe sometime this week.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to contact me Just click on the “Contact me” tab above and send in your feedback using the contact form.


Thanks again for helping to make the Mother Earth News Fair weekend such a fun one for me. Go forth and make bread!

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