Mother Earth News Fair this weekend in Belton TX!

This weekend I am in Belton, Texas, just north of Austin, participating in my 17th Mother Earth News Fair. In addition to doing 3 presentations, I have also been invited to record several podcasts on various poultry-related topics.


For me, these events are all about sharing. I’ve learned a lot over the 11 years we have lived on our off-grid homestead, and I appreciate every opportunity to share what I’ve learned, and to learn from you. So many of you are trying to make changes in your lives, to do things a little differently according to your values and hopes for the future.  Life is changing as time goes on, but I will continue to write and speak, as part of my own ongoing process of learning.


Here are 3 handouts I often include when I do these presentations. Feel free to download and use them. The sourdough bread handout offers my method of developing a wild-yeast sourdough starter. For those of you considering starting out with poultry, check out my planning worksheet which will help you get off to a good start. And the Craft Distilling handout includes a list of helpful resources, such as books and government websites.



Sourdough presentation handout

Poultry from Scratch September 2016

Distilling resources TX


If you are in the area, I would love to see you at the Fair this weekend. At 11:00 today, I will be talking about sourdough bread. At 5:00 I will be on the main stage for my Craft Distilling presentation. And Sunday at 2:00 you can find me at the Livestock Conservancy stage talking about free-ranging poultry.


The Mother Earth News Fair is a terrific event, chock-full of workshops, live demonstrations, exhibitors and vendors, and an amazing bookstore. It’s a beautiful day, so come on out to the Fair!













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