Mother Earth News Fair #15 this weekend


Poultry Unplugged talk, Pennsylvania September 2016

Fresh from my 4th appearance at the Seven Springs, PA Fair in September, I am heading out to Topeka, KS Friday, October 21, for another weekend of fun doing presentations and a book signing. This is my 5th MEN Fair this year and 15th overall, and I truly enjoy these events more each time.


sourdough-finished-on-peel-smSourdough bread baked in wood-fired oven


In addition to my Craft Distilling and Poultry Unplugged talks, this time I will be doing a 3rd talk, Sourdough is not a Flavor: Naturally leavened bread, simplified. As you may know, I have become a serious sourdough bread baker over the past few years. Last year, I started building my first wood-fired outdoor oven, using clay dug near one of our ponds as well as other materials scavenged from the property. It has been (and continues to be) a steep learning curve getting used to cooking in this oven, but the results have been fantastic.



Pizza just put on hearth

As you probably also know by now, this oven and sourdough bread are the subjects of my next book, which is in process. So this is a tiny preview of that book. I am also looking forward to questions from the audience, as this will help me better understand the audience for my book and clarify the direction I will take it.


The challenge for me with this talk is trying to encapsulate this subject in a 1-hour presentation. It sounds like a long time to be on a stage talking, but believe me, it goes by quickly. I am going to focus on the basics of creating and maintaining a sourdough starter, and an overview of the fermentation process involved with naturally-leavened bread. I will, of course, be continuing this discussion on this site and on Facebook, so please post your questions or use the contact form to let me know what you’re most interested in learning.


See you in Topeka this weekend!

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