But what is this novella ABOUT?

When I signed up to participate in NaNoWriMo, I had to submit both a title and synopsis for my planned work of fiction. I didn’t have much time to plan or prepare to write before I started (see previous post), so when all was said and done, the story differed a bit from the synopsis. I’ve revised the synopsis to more accurately reflect the completed draft, and here it is:



Part One: Mothers and Daughters

Part Two: Daughters and Mothers

Part Three: Sisters


Emily and Elizabeth Palmer are twin sisters in their early 20s. Like many twins, they have been compared all their lives, although they are actually quite different in some ways. After a falling out between Emily and their alcoholic mother Ellie, Ellie confides to Elizabeth that the twins actually have another sister. Ellie gave birth to triplets but gave up one of the sisters for adoption; read the story to find out why!

Elizabeth struggles to decide whether to tell Emily, even though Ellie made her promise to keep her secret. Elizabeth tells Emily, and the twins decide to look for their sister without telling Ellie. An odd coincidence results in the girls meeting their sister, Marisa, who had always wished she had a sister. Sadly, Elizabeth and Emily learn that Marisa is dying of an inoperable brain tumor. Their all-too-brief interaction gives all three girls new perspective on their identity as individuals, and the true meaning of family.

After Marisa’s death, Elizabeth and Emily find that they have more in common than they imagined. After all, they are no longer “twins;” they are simply sisters. As a result, their relationship grows deeper and more loving, not only with each other but also with Ellie.

More to come; stay tuned!

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