Sneak peek at novella-in-progress

OK, so this is a very tiny peek. When it’s published I’d like you to buy the damned thing , so you can’t reasonably expect me to give a lot away now. I’m going to milk the excuse “It’s just a draft” for all it’s worth.



So… Working title is “Inseparable.” Here is the opening paragraph of Part One:


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I am a BAD MOTHER. Yes, smack your lips over that one. I used to think I was at least a decent person, but never, not even in my most wildly self-congratulatory mood did I ever convince myself that I was a good mother. Hell, I never should have gotten pregnant in the first place, I mean, how stupid is that. That man never cared about me, he just said the right things, what I wanted to hear, what every girl who wants to be a woman thinks she wants to hear, the things that somehow distract your attention from the risks of unprotected sex.


That’s it for now, I’m busy writing! Post a comment or shoot me a message on Facebook if you want to read more.

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