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I’m just catching my breath for a minute after three wonderful book events this past weekend. Friday night I was at Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle. It was a small group but the discussion was lively! For small groups I like to sit down there with the audience and just chat, and it worked out great. There were a lot of questions, and I got to tell a few stories about my adventures trying to obtain a distillery license, learning to distill liquor, and how I ended up working with WA State and Federal lawmakers to change the laws in favor of hobby distillers.


I love this kind of interaction with people. There are some questions I usually get at every presentation, but I almost always get at least one question I don’t know the answer to, so it’s a learning experience for me as well.


Saturday I was at Burien Books, a small bookstore in south Seattle. Sunday afternoon I spoke to a small group at Liberty Bay Books in Poulsbo, on my way home to the Olympic Peninsula. That was another delightful conversation, lots of good questions, and Suzanne Selfors, the owner of the store, also joined in. I’m glad to be back home for a few days, but it was such a fun weekend talking with people about Craft Distilling.


Conversations like this positively energize me! For me these events are not just about selling books, although that of course is always nice. Ever since David and I moved to the farm back in 2006, we have been on a continuous journey of learning to do things differently, in keeping with our values and daydreams. Since early on in this process, we both have felt a responsibility to share what we have learned along the way. I never expected back then that I would now be writing books and traveling around speaking on sustainable-living topics, but here I am! So much of what I am doing now is part of that bigger picture of continuing to learn and to share our experiences with other people who are also trying to do things differently, a step at a time.


I’m so grateful for the opportunities I now have to make a contribution. I think everyone wants to feel that they are doing something that positively impacts someone else’s life. The events that I speak at are so much fun, the energy is so inspiring, because everyone is there to learn. Just now I am working hard at improving my skills at writing and speaking, as well as doing all I can to promote Craft Distilling. Thanks once again to New Society Publishers for giving me the chance to connect with a larger audience with two books (so far). And a huge thank-you to Mother Earth News, and my friend Jeannette Beranger at The Livestock Conservancy, who are responsible for my becoming a speaker back in 2011.


This coming Thursday, January 21, I will be speaking at Powells in Portland at 7:30 PM. Friday I will be at Third Place Books (Ravenna location) in Seattle at 7:00 PM. Rounding out the January schedule of book events will be Village Books in Bellingham, on Friday, January 29 at 7:00 PM. I hope you can come to at least one of these events, I promise they are always a lot of fun.


I have a lot more speaking events lined up for 2016, and I am truly excited and looking forward to each one of them!

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